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Hard Work is Key to Success in Tennis, says Raynal Singh

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

By Raevenn BREEN

It goes without saying that hard work is crucial to success in any branch of work or sport but, according to Fiji tennis player Raynal Singh, it’s especially important in tennis.

Singh, 26, has represented the country on many occasions since 2014 when he competed in the Oceania Championships in Cairns, Australia on his first tour and has recently come out of the 2019 Punjas Pacific Nations Cup, which was held here in Fiji.

Raynal Singh in action during the mens finals during Punjas Pacific Nations Cup in 2019

“My recommendation to younger players is that one needs to work hard to improve. Today through Tennis Fiji there is a lot of opportunities for young players to travel and gain exposure in the sport,” he explained.

“When I was a junior player these opportunities weren’t around, and we didn’t have the chance to earn much exposure outside Fiji. I advise future prospects and those interested in coming into the sport to train hard and get yourselves into these international tournaments”.

Singh also went on to explain that another way to improve one's tennis game is to get as much match-playing time as possible.

“I [usually] train five days a week and that involves a lot of time in the gym, on the courts and with my hitting partner Rob [Krause]. This year however I’m looking to get as much match time as possible so I can put all that hard work to the test.

“Tennis is very situational. If you’re not used to playing in many matches your shot selection and decision-making skills aren’t present”.

Apart from being one of Fiji’s top-level players, Singh also coaches young players at the Tanoa Apartments tennis courts in Nadi and completed the International Tennis Federation’s Level 1 Coaching Course in October last year. He also works as an electrical engineer for Nabou Green Energy Ltd.

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