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Nadi Sports & Social Club Tennis Championships 2020

By Krishneel KUMAR

Photo credit: Nadi Sports & Social Club Facebook

Over the weekend of 29 – 30 August 2020, the Nadi Sports and Social Club Tennis Championships were held for the first time in six years. This year, 30 players competed in the club championship, which was held as a round robin event to ensure that players had many chances to compete against different players. A social night was held at the club for all participants, their families and club members on the Saturday evening, to give everyone the chance to relax and mingle prior to the finals matches the next day.

The men’s winner of the 2020 Nadi Sports and Social Club Tennis Championship was Raynal Singh, who defeated runner-up Neil Wivou to claim the prize. Women’s participation in the Nadi Sports and Social Club Tennis Championship has increased significantly since the last time it was held, with participation up to ten female players from three. The 2020 ladies winner was Tarani Kamoe, who defeated runner-up Vienna Kumar to claim this year’s title.

The tournament was organized by Nadi Sports Club’s tennis director, Krishneel Kumar with full support of the club, and the players and coaches are looking forward to the next championships in 2021. The next tennis event being held in Fiji will be held at Denarau Golf and Racquet Club, 26-27 September 2020. Go to to find out more!

Photo credits: Nadi Sports & Social Club Facebook

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