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Oceania Championships 2018 Roundup

Tennis Fiji’s eight-player contingent to the Oceania Championships in Apia, Samoa “showed great promise” according to Tennis Fiji President and team manager Richard Breen. The Fiji women earned a silver medal in the team competition, while Fiji 1 narrowly missed out on a playoff spot in the men’s team competition. The open categories also produced some outstanding results with Saoirse Breen taking a bronze medal in the singles competition and paired up with Ruby Coffin to earn a silver medal in doubles.

With an average age of eighteen, Fiji’s participants at the Oceania Championships benefited greatly from exposure to high-level regional competition. Despite their youth, players competed fiercely. Fiji rep and team captain, Raynal Singh commented on the young player’s focus and receptivity to guidance, as well as their lack of intimidation in the face of older and more experienced opponents.

Saoirse Breen was Fiji's standout performer. The fourteen-year-old posted a win/loss record of 6/2 and 5/3 in singles and doubles for the week, winning three medals in the process. Raynal Singh praised the youngster’s efforts, while also complimenting her doubles partner, Ruby Coffin, on their combined fortitude; evident in the medals they earned in the women’s team and doubles competition.

The experience gained from playing at the venue of the 2019 Pacific Games tennis competition will come in handy as players strive towards the Pacific's pinnacle event. Also, the opportunity to gauge their ability against that of their competition will inspire players preparing for the quadrennial event. Tennis Fiji will also look to the return of their players based in America to strengthen both their men’s and women’s teams to next year’s Pacific Games.  However, President Breen urges international players to put in the required work as spots on the team are not guaranteed. President Breen thanked Tennis Samoa for their hospitality and expressed excitement for the Pacific Games in 2019. For a closer analysis of draws and scores click on this link.

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