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> > Fortran 1970 > > > > > _frst = "10.5"_ > > _Last = "25.5"_ > > _Diff = "15.0"_ * * * [82] With few exceptions, these files are not included in this book. [83] See also the text entitled "Executing User Code" in Chapter 2. [84] In traditional Fortran 77, this is called a "PROMPT statement." [85] As noted in the text, Fortran 77 introduced a set of directives that may have been called other things. [86] See Figure 6.1. [87] These columns are typically not used by the programmer, but by the compiler to help establish the range of values that the programmer may use for a particular variable. [88] Here, the example is restricted to integer variables, and real variables. # Part III. Getting Started with Data Files In Part III, the programming and data structures covered in the first two parts of the book are applied to writing, reading, and manipulating data files. The techniques presented for the creation of files in Part II are discussed in this chapter. In Part II, we saw that when we create a new file, it is implicitly created as a text file. In this part, we'll explore ways to change the text file's characteristics, from creation to adding information to an existing file. We will also see how to create and modify files for use with functions. In Part II, we used an ASCII-based character set with numeric characters. In this part, we'll see how to use a wider character set and the double-byte character set of Unicode to write and read data. We'll also discuss the double-byte character set's significance for us in conjunction with Unicode. In fact, double-byte characters are often used in addition to ASCII characters to represent a wider range of human characters in a file. When you use double-byte character sets, you must ensure that the encoding used in the file is also double-byte. Otherwise, the file will be treated as though it's composed of ASCII characters, and the program written to it will not recognize all of the characters in



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Altera Quartus 12.1 Crack

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