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Tennis Fiji is the national federation responsible for the development of all tennis related activities in Fiji. It takes a collaborative approach working closely with national organizations, government agencies and international stakeholders, to provide opportunities whilst supporting the sustainable growth of the sport.

Tennis Fiji’s programs include initial engagement at the community level through to high performance programs and encompasses tennis activities at clubs, schools and villages across the country. 

Tennis Fiji not only supports the development of social players and student athletes but also provides the framework for coach education and competition. This in turn, helps to foster careers in tennis related professions, which are not limited to professional players and coaches. Tennis Fiji is helping to provide both a platform and the necessary opportunities for success in life. 

Core Values of Tennis Fiji

  • Integrity and accountability

  • Respect and inclusiveness

  • Sportsmanship and

  • Volunteerism engaged with professionalism.

Tennis Fiji aims to make Fiji the top tennis nation in Pacific region. This can be achieved through:

  • Organisational excellence

  • Participation numbers

  • Competitive opportunities

  • International rankings

  • Regional tournaments

Tennis Fiji is an active member of the Oceania Tennis Federation, the regional body overseeing tennis activities in the Pacific Oceania region.

Tennis Fiji takes pride in making its programs as inclusive and accessible as possible. Tennis Fiji has significant partnerships with Tennis Australia, the International Tennis Federation and the Fiji National Sports Commission. These partnerships have facilitated the flow of information, training, education and resources that play a significant part in the development of tennis in Fiji. To learn about these programs please go to the "Our Programs" tab.

Tennis Fiji is committed to ensuring the health, safety and security of our communities. Click on the button below to view our Child Protection Policy. Tennis Fiji is currently working on a Gender Equality policy and strategy document. 

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