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Outreach Programs: Programs


Tennis Fiji offers outreach tennis development programs in schools, villages and communities. Scroll down to read more about each program and to view photos from past and ongoing tennis programs run by Tennis Fiji.

Outreach Programs

Tennis Fiji conducts outreach programs in schools, communities and villages across Fiji. Tennis Fiji also regularly runs sporting programs at public festivals. Many of these programs are conducted in partnership with existing stakeholders. Read below to find out details about the different types of outreach programs and how to request a tennis development program in your school, village or community.

Schools development programs:

Tennis Fiji is certified under the Fijian Teachers Registration Authority (FTRA), an essential accreditation for delivering authorized sporting programs in schools across Fiji. Tennis Fiji primarily delivers tennis development programs in primary schools. In the Western Division, Tennis Fiji collaborates with the Fiji National Sports Commission (FNSC) to deliver tennis development programs in primary schools, alongside a range of other sports. You can read more about the FNSC by clicking on the button below.

Community development programs:

Tennis Fiji delivers regular tennis development programs in a range of community across Fiji. These programs aim to provide fun and sporting activities to child and adults in communities that may have limited opportunities to engage in new and different sports. These programs are run on a regular basis over a certain period of time, with the end goal to train members of that community to deliver sporting programs themselves. Tennis Fiji donates one set of tennis equipment to communities where possible and suitable. Community development programs also aim to connect interested tennis players with further pathways to develop their playing ability and introduce tennis competition.

Village development programs: Tennis outreach programs in villages are usually run through members of Tennis Fiji's community that have connections in a particular location. Tennis Fiji has found that its village programs are most successful when led by a respected and known member of that community. Village development programs aim to introduce adults and children to new and diverse sports and to highlight different ways that people can maintain active and healthy lifestyles. These programs also aim to connect interested players with pathways to increasing their tennis skills where possible. In 2020, an important element of the village development programs has been the addition of COVID-19 awareness messages, in particular around hygiene and handwashing. 

If you are interested in having a tennis development program at your school, community or village please email Tennis Fiji by clicking on the Contact Us button below!

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